I am known and respected for providing a simple, direct and solution focused approach to helping individuals and teams to feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside.

Below are a selection of testimonials from some of the inspirational women that I have worked with.

“She has just RESET my mind.”

“Completely TRANSFORMED my life.”

"Kamalyn explained my psychological symptoms in a way that helped me gain an understanding of the way I had been feeling. I definitely have a new found confidence along with coping strategies that I use on a daily basis".

Jane Miller

"Kamalyn’s work was invaluable and changed my quality of life immensely. I feel robust, resilient and most importantly I am happier than I ever thought I could be...I had no idea my thinking style could be changed in such a short space of time".

Holly Rae

"I was very nervous about what to expect from the sessions. However Kamalyn helped me establish some context to my overanalysing thought patterns and taught me invaluable coping strategies that I can use whenever I may need them. You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain be doing the sessions".

Una G

"After my first session I couldn't take away the smile from my face as I felt instant relief and could deal with general things in life that I normally couldn't. This has definitely had a positive impact on me as I now feel a lot more happier in myself and I am able to step back and look at every situation and understand".


"I was then referred to Kamalyn Kaur...it was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I started to feel more in control of my thoughts and feelings to the extent that I'm loving life again. That is priceless and something I never thought possible in my near future."

Debbie Kevin

"After 4 sessions with Kamalyn I feel freer, lighter and most importantly anxiety free. I am beyond thrilled!"

Kathryn Borland

"Kamalyn helped me to identify strategies to cope with my own personal and difficult situations. She helped me to look at some of my own thinking and responses, which I previously used within difficult situations, challenging me to find a new approach. Although I was initially skeptical…I can honestly say that it helped and gave me the tools to pave the way towards my own future."

Julie Kendall

"Kamalyn listened to me and helped me set achievable goals. She also helped me to realise my negative thought patterns so I could change them into a more positive way of thinking, as well as teaching me breathing exercises to calm myself down."

Natalie Martin

“It was different with Kamalyn and I really trusted and valued her advice. We had regular sessions at the beginning where she challenged me to think about things in a different way and give me simple techniques to follow. After a while I could see that my thoughts were changing and I started to have more confidence in myself. I have come a long way since our initial sessions (I am now living my dream life in Barcelona!). I know for a fact that I would never have gotten to this point without her help! I am forever thankful for everything she taught me."

Laura Quinn

“Working with Kamalyn is one of the best decisions I’ve made recently. I have learned so much about myself. I’ve learned how to manage difficult relationships and how to set boundaries. I’ve learned how to be kinder and more compassionate towards myself. I don’t think I realised just how much I needed Kamalyn until I was already in sessions with her. I would highly recommend Kamalyn.”


"When I started working with Kamalyn she was amazing, she taught me techniques to manage my thoughts when they got hectic...since my sessions I have been doing so much better, I feel a lot calmer, clear headed and when panicked thoughts do crop up I am able to use what I’ve learned to organise them again a lot faster than I would have before.”

stephanie gorman