About Kamalyn Kaur

Kamalyn Kaur is a high-functioning anxiety and confidence expert for high achieving women and teams including CEOs, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities and public figures.

When working with clients, she helps them to better understand their feelings, triggers and reasons for their emotions before giving them practical solutions to move forward and tangibly improve their lives and careers. In doing so, she helps them to feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. She also provides them with lifelong tools to manage their emotions, choices and behaviours confidently in the future.

Kamalyn is passionate about raising awareness around mental health issues and resolving them at the root before they become bigger issues. She has been featured across the media including being a regular contributor for Mornings on BBC Radio Scotland and GB News providing advice on anxiety, confidence and mental health. She has also contributed and commented in articles featured in Happiful Magazine, Grazia, Marie Claire, OK! Magazine and more. You can check out these articles here.

When she’s not working, she likes to be active and outdoors in the fresh air or cosied up indoors watching a series on Netflix!

Kamalyn carrying out an online coaching session with a client